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R.A.S.H. Engine Fantasy - Basic Edition
$19.95 print edition, $10.00 digital download, or $4.99 eBook!
R.A.S.H. Engine Fantasy Roleplaying Game - Basic Edition cover. Click here for a preview!

This is the core rulebook of the R.A.S.H. Engine for sword and sorcery fantasy gaming. Included in this 131-page book is all you need to play the game!

All the details for character creation are included, from races and templates, to spells and heroics.

We didn't forget GMs! This book also comes with everything you need to run the game - traps, monsters, treasures, rules, and more!

Why buy three or more books at $30+ each to play an RPG when we offer it all for under $20? Save your hard-earned money and play R.A.S.H.!
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Coming Soon!
Tombs & Treasures Board Game
Experience an epic dungeon-crawling adventure using a rules-light version of the R.A.S.H. Engine!

This boardgame is still in development - details coming soon!

Gemstone: World of Taran
Gemstone: World of Taran cover. A campaign setting for the R.A.S.H. Engine Fantasy Roleplaying game. Coming Soon!
Can't get enough of the R.A.S.H. Engine? Looking for a world for your heroes to explore? Then check this out!

This 137-page book offers a slew of additions to the game!
  • New races
  • More heroics
  • New spells
  • Deities and religions
  • Additional monsters
  • Advanced templates
  • World gazetteer
  • A sample starter adventure
...and much more!

Explore this world, which is home to the tree-like arborescents, the curious pridd, and the mysterious shadow children. Learn the history of Taran's upheavals and the fight between good and evil. Discover the mystical powers hidden inside of gems, or embrace the wild magic of Taran's elementalists.

Taran Adventures - An Icy Grave
Taran Adventures - An Icy Grave cover. Novellette and adventure game. Coming Soon!

Adventure awaits, and this 70-page book provides plenty of it!

Join Oakern Redleaf, Michael Crypt, and Demora Flamestrike as they join the wily merchant Greig to a monastery at the base of the Sho'la Peaks. A blizzard leaves the group stranded, but the weather quickly becomes the least of their worries.

Enjoy the story, then play the adventure using the premade characters or create your own! Do you have what it takes to survive the night in An Icy Grave?